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Friday, December 27, 2013

To the world (is that too broad?)

First and as a side note, I've been away for a while.  I've been much more symptomatic lately and just haven't felt like talking to much of anyone.  It got very complicated for a bit as Dr. Mind trying to prove a point caused a lot of stress and then there were 2 days of Christmas celebrations preceded by a lot of sewing, cleaning and the normal stuff and although I still don't have water or septic we had my things moved into my home last week so that we can start moving things in and assembling Ikea furniture while we wait. So a lot is going on and I'm barely feeling up to handling it.  When I'm on my own and have these times when I'm really depressed I nap more.  Living here that isn't as possible so instead I'm exhausted all the time.  I haven't been using my SAD lamp this year which is also not helping.  First it was triggering migraines and then when it seemed ok to try again my mood was so weird that Dr. Brain wanted me to wait a month because she isn't sure what med to adjust and hoped time would make it clear.

But the real point here........

Fast and to the point and based on a family experience today:  Unless you are taking heavy duty (ie significant dose anti-psychotics) you are not allowed to make jokes about "your meds" after seeing me reference mine in a serious context.  If I know you don't even take an anti-depressant you will be fortunate that I do not unleash years of pent-up frustration that you do this at you publicly.  It just isn't funny when you are referencing drugs that slow me down, make me tired all the time, make me fat and losing weight is so hard between meds and illness and worst of all they restrict what I can do.  They are not funny.  You are not funny.

The end.

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