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Thursday, October 24, 2013


There's no deep meaning in that title.  I am so stressed about ceilings.  Yesterday I had an early phone call from the construction company.  She said that the drywall man usually does a mild texture on ceilings and did I want this.  I thought a minute, decided I liked the texture at my old house and said yes.  It turns out that my mom adamently opposed textured ceilings because they are out of date and she is afraid they'll hurt the property value.   I honestly can't see that happening; nobody is going to say "I like the entire property but I hate the ceilings in the mother-in-law apartment so I won't buy it" and I honestly dont see someone even caring.  It's not like it's the primary part of the house.  But because my mom had told the construction workers she wanted smooth ceilings she feels like she was ignored and she is frustrated.  I feel completely guilty that I didn't call her at my sister's but up to now she's generally said "it's your home, you decide".  I'm very happy with it.  And I can't see how it is out of date if the drywall guy usually does the texture.

The whole house is frustrating now.  The heat pump is partially in but can't be completed until we have electricity.  Mom called about that months ago and was told to just call when ready, it was an easy hook-up.  We were ready this week and suddenly we have to have an inspection and then be on a waiting list for a transformer that could have been done months ago had anyone mentioned it.  They called today while we were gone and made it sound like we missed our chance by not being here.  Then there is the septic issue.  The contractors were trying to quietly just link mine into mom's.  The inspector caught us.  After some discussions that included the county agency contacting the state it turns out that if we had contacted them prior to building we could have gotten some grant $ because of my disability.  Now the only grant money we could get I make a tiny bit too much to receive.  They are working with our plumber to try to find the least expensive solution.  They had another meeting with him yesterday but we don't know results.  So pretty much we start our 3rd month of construction in 3 days and I am still a long way from getting in.

My mom and I need space.  My cluttered bedroom (because it is packed full of stuff that has nowhere to go) and smelly cat litter and food is wearing on her.  Her tendency to be bitter and complain a lot is wearing on me.  And I just want to be able to cook for myself.  What she eats is good, it is just not what I eat.  I'm probably 85-95% vegetarian, depending on my mood.  She isn't.  She also keeps junk around that I eat when it is here but don't when I don't have it.  My cats are becoming pathetic; they really need space and windows to see out of and more time with me.

One more month and I think I'll be moved.  But that month seems really long right now.  I've been here 5 months now and started packing in April so I haven't lived in a 'normal" home in 7 months.

It's not all bad nor is it THAT bad.  It's just frustrating.  We were so sure that I'd be moved in by now.  It seems like everything left to do should be fast but that has seemed true of many things.  It's hard to focus sometimes on how great parts of the house really are and how much I"m going to love it.

And on the plus side it will take a month to put together everything from Ikea.

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Michal Ann said...

I hope you feel a bit better after expressing your frustrations. Maybe writing about it reinforces the aggravation. Hope not.

Now...put those Ikea things together...but where do you put them?

Cheers...you can see the finish line now!