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Saturday, September 13, 2014

One year/3 months

Today is 3 months from my ankle surgery.  I am now walking fairly confidently with my boot on.  Today I walked to my mom's with my backpack on with my computer in it and even that didn't throw me off too much.  Today is my first day wearing jeans with it and I have to say that it is a lot more comfortable that way.  It's a really big boot that goes clear into the bend of my knee and this helps it not feel like my knee is "stuffed".  I have a long, long way to go and a lot of exhaustion to overcome from yesterday's drug mess but it's certainly better than 3 months ago--or even 4 months ago.  It's amazing that I've been really restricted by this leg for 6 whole months now but I have. Only 3 or so to go, I hope.

Today is also one year from Geraldine's surgery.  You would never guess anything was ever wrong with her, much less that she had a large tumor taking up a good bit of her abdomen.  She certainly isn't the sick little girl that she was a year ago.  She is no longer pale and she has more than enough energy instead of being much more sleepy than most newborns.  She's quite possibly the happiest child I've ever known. 

It's weird but I honestly don't remember the day of her surgery.  We were so busy trying to keep Anne distracted and unaware of the stress and while I remember text messages that the surgery was delayed and how well Geraldine did even though she had to be starving and then I remember that the procedure was faster than anticipated that's all I remember.  I remember talking to my sister that night as her heart was breaking because she wasn't allowed to feed the baby and that is just what mommy's do. 

But 3 days later Geraldine was better than she had ever been in her little life and she went home the first day it was possible and never looked back.  She hates her follow-up visits with a passion but we all hate that she has to endure them.  Now that it has been a year they may begin to space out a little.  I don't know when that happens.

I am just so grateful for all the things that went right that day and in the days leading up to surgery.

Words are insufficient.

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