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Friday, October 24, 2014

or a flu shot

When I was feeling so bad yesterday I forgot completely that I got a flu shot on Wednesday.  I'm still depressed, that started before Wednesday but I don't think it is getting as bad as fast as I thought because once I rolled on my arm and remembered why it is sore I remembered that my mom felt bad after hers and that being so tired I didn't want to be out of bed would be a reasonable reaction to depression PLUS a flu shot.  So today I feel slightly better.  Not great, still depressed and tired, but I made it until I can stat my med change and tomorrow my mom is going to help me get my house clean again.  Which will be a vast improvement.  I've just barely been here in almost 2 weeks and that's not good.  One bad thing about a tiny place is that mess accumulates rapidly and just a little bit of stuff out of place is enough to look like a disaster has occurred.

The other thing with being tired that I need to remember is that I have not been allowed or able to exercise much at all for 19 weeks.  I can't even just take a walk yet, not long enough to really be exercise for more than my ankle.  So the increased intensity in PT this week may be more draining than it seems like it should be.  It's a long time still before I can do real exercise (not until January at the earliest) so I need to just remember my stamina is down.  I also want to find out if I can walk on a treadmill at home. I'm doing 5 minutes at therapy now and since my mom has a treadmill maybe I can start trying to walk on hers enough to get some real exercise, even if it is the 30 minute miles I'm walking now and without an incline.  Anything would be something at this point.  The treadmill also makes me practice proper gait and the more I practice that the sooner I will not be limping and walking with an exaggerated heel-to-toe pattern like I am now.  I want to walk so that nobody knows anything was ever wrong with my ankle.  It will take a while longer but that's my goal.

First though, I must recover from this flu shot that has attacked me so viciously. 

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Jean Grey said...

I hope you feel better. The flu shot often makes me depressed- as does getting a virus. But I work in healthcare so I get one anyway (I don't think it is a CDC approved reason not to get one...) They have become mandatory at our hospital.

A new dog sounds like fun, although not so much given that your ankle is still recouping. I hope that the neurontin helps you- it never helped me- but I was also on much higher doses and it was being tried as a primary mood stabilizer, not as an adjunct.