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Friday, December 14, 2012


There's nothing to put your own hurts and sadness into perspective than someone killing small children.  This is one of the reasons I don't have television; I don't handle these things well.  

But, I wanted to jump on here quickly and say that I don't understand how any human could cause such devastation, but in the hours and days to follow please remember than he acted with free will.  I've been writing a lot about "blaming" mental illness and I'm going to ask again that people not.  This man did something terrible and the whys and what didn't protect the children from this are the questions to answer.  His motivation is a lot more important that trying to excuse what he did by throwing out a lot of mental health diagnoses.  That will start as soon as his name is released and it is so beyond the point.  He murdered many small children and adults and the focus needs to be on how to stop that from ever happening again rather than trying to make it rational  when we can't understand what motivates such a thing.

My heart is breaking.  Little Miss Anne isn't that far from school and it's impossible to not imagine the child you love in that terrifying situation.  Praying for all concerned and for our country.  A shooting that has more victims than Littleton and one carried out with small children by someone who probably didn't even know his victims is beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking too, Jen. It's a horrible, horrible, evil tragedy and every parent (and aunt's) worst nightmare. I hope the prayers of 1000s are helping those affected by this. There's nothing more we can do, is there?

Just Me said...

Becky, that's the worst part. Not that prayer isn't the best thing, but that we, as people, seem to be unable to prevent such occurrences. China had a school massacre today too. I saw this hours ago but something approaching 50 kids died today. I keep reading the news and remembering kindergarten.

They are non-specifically saying that the shooter was mentally disabled which is what they say when they don't want to tell if it is a developmental thing or a mental illness. He's the right age for schizophrenia. However as I'm sure I'll grumble about in the days to come this was not impulsive or disorganized. That makes it harder for it to be a major mental illness.

I should never have watched the President. His tears let my go and I found myself yelling at my sewing machine.

What on earth will happen to help all those young kids cope with this?