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Monday, January 13, 2014

Illness update

Geraldine has RSV.  RSV is a very bad thing for a baby her age to catch.  It's a virus that we all get and the first time it is usually pretty bad.  By the age of 2 it has usually done it's dirty work and from then on you get periodic colds as it mutates.  Anne and I may have it as well although we're sicker than it sounds like we'd usually be.  (If I didn't have asthma though I might not be so sick and Anne may have had it the first time; I don't think asthma really is my main issue but it's hard to tell).  Geraldine was up all night last night with the vaporizer and her mommy and is at risk for the next 2 days of getting sicker and potentially needing hospitalization.  The good thing is that she is far out from her surgery and that is not affecting her immune system.  The bad thing is that she does have this potentially really serious virus.  Thus far her body is handling it well; her lungs are clear and her fever is not that high.  But this is the 3rd day and not even the sickest point.

Anne is a little better.  Still sick and cranky but better than she was.  So 5 days of being really sick seems to be the magic number for her. 

I'm a little better too.  If the tylenol wears off I'm really achy and I'm sleeping a lot but  my throat isn't so painful and I did stay downstairs for a little bit today.  I'm not even going to go see Dr. Mind this week; I may still be contagious and if I'm not doing badly there is no point in risking making him very sick so that he couldn't help a bunch of people.

My main issue right now is worrying about Geraldine and he can't do much about that one.

Nebulizer is done, which is my cue to end.

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Michal Ann said...

Asking the Lord for continued mercy in healing from the junk that life throws at us! I read years ago "No one tells you how often you're going to get sick when you have little kids."

Bless you as you recover together.

Hugs, Michal