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Saturday, July 19, 2014


I realized I haven't said anything here in a long time.  That's because I've spent 36 days in bed.  I get out to see Dr. Mind or for doctor appointments.  I went to Walmart this week briefly and I've gone for a ride or two.  I went to Anne's 4th birthday party last week.  And that's it.  Otherwise I pretty much sit right here with my leg propped on 4 pillows and I read or play on the computer.  I watch Netflix a good bit.  I get a shower a few times a week and take sponge baths in between.  I've learned to wash my hair at the kitchen sink standing on one leg so I can do that when I feel gross.  Showering is really hard work and requires my mom to be here for longer than usual so we limit it.  I have safety equipment and know how to be safe but it just isn't the safest maneuver.

I go to the ortho Wednesday.  They'll take my cast partially off and then send me to xray.  When that's done I'll see the ortho and if I'm healing well I'll move into a boot so I can start to do ROM.  Frankly I DREAD the boot.  They are heavy and my recollection is that they are also hot and itchy.  The cast is slightly itchy although usually it is my incisions that itch or dead skin that is around the top of the cast.  It really isn't bad with that and it is light and not overly hot.  I hate sleeping with it but I'll hate sleeping with the boot more.  So I am not excited about this part.  Maybe I'll be more excited about it in a few more weeks when the boot means I can start putting weight down.  I keep hoping he'll say I can do that now but he said 8 weeks and yesterday was 5 so I think I probably have some time left.

In some ways it feels like forever and in some ways it has gone fast (mostly the part where I was on more pain meds went fast and the last 10 days have been slower.).  I'm well enough now to really, really want to do everything myself and most especially to just take a shower and have that be easy and independent but just cooking scrambled eggs yesterday was actually quite difficult.  Just getting in the fridge is quite tricky.  So I just have to wait and know those things will come.  Some of the things I want to do are so simple, like seeing Dr. Mind in HIS office instead of the first floor not as nice, not the safe place I'm used to, office where we have been meeting.  I can do stairs on the crutches now but his are steep and I have no idea what my skills will be like when the boot goes on so we wait. 

I have trouble believing it's time to start therapy.  I am still so tired.  Not that this will be physically taxing at first but it seems like more energy will be needed soon.  I guess I'll be getting that back soon since I'm sure I'll have more when I use more.  I hear that being tired into the 4th month is pretty normal and since I still have at least 3 weeks of elevation/bed sitting I'm sure that is true.  I do excercise as I can but it is limited.  I have gotten incredible balance skills and can clean up messes on the floor without falling now.  I'm sure doing that on one foot will serve me well in the future.????.

Today I have some kind of stomach bug.  I've been really glad for zofran to control nausea and very thankful for not vomiting.  The bathroom isn't too many hops away but it is not close enough to get there fast (the other side of the room is about the only place that is possible) and vomiting would be a nightmare.  So I'm just praying that the nausea stays controlled.

There just isn't much to say.  It's been cool here nearly all week and the fresh air has been wonderful.  It's hard to be stuck inside all the time for weeks on end.

So more from boringtown eventually.

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