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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Some days

Some days you just can't win.

Yesterday I went to the dr and had my sutures removed and a new cast put on.  They were very, very busy (2 hours behind) and although I said it didn't feel right I was assured it was fine and sent alog.  Well, it's not.  My toe is down and my heel is mostly up unless it is pushed into the place it goes.  I can move my ankle in ways I shouldn't.  And it rubs on my incisions because it is too loose.  At the top I can stick all my fingers in the opening; with a brand new cast it should be more like 2.  I fought a hard battle about complaining because I could be wrong but the sensation that my ankle is going to get pulled up into the cast affected my decision. 

In the meantime my nieces and sister are up here to visit and go to a museum thing with my mom.  I had thought that I'd call them today and go up tomorrow to get fixed up.  I forgot about the part where tomorrow is the 4th of July. So, my mom is going to have to come back from the museum faster than planned and I can tell she's frustrated.  She's mad because I didn't tell her I was calling this morning; I didn't think it mattered because I was going to tell them I didn't have a ride.  Plus she's just made so many trips up there and has many more to go between her companion and I.

My sister is frustrated with me for deciding to spend time with my brother.  She is so adamantly opposed to anyone doing this that it has caused tension with my mom and now she's turning that on me.  She's not angry really, just disgusted.  I don't know how to explain to her why I am doing this.

So everyone is annoyed with me and it's fairly likely the casting tech will be too.  I can't wait.  I'm already exhausted from yesterday's trip so that's the other thing:  I'll be so, so tired tonight. 

OH well.  Such is life.

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Michal McAllister said...

My oh my. A lot has been going on. I checked several times and things were quiet but I now see I've missed the latest.

I sure hope to hear good news about a new new cast that fits properly!!

Your visit with your brother is a pretty amazing, prayer supported thing. I hope your sister can find her way to make her own adjustment without imposing on your stance.

I hardly know what to say about all of your challenges but I CAN say I'm really proud of you for managing so many things.

Yes, "such is life," darn it.

Go Jen!

xo Michal