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Friday, August 29, 2014

Credit where credit is due

I often express frustration with my mother on this blog.  It's hard because she has saved me in the last few years and has put up with so much and helped so much but she doesn't understand so much and so I get frustrated.  But today she said something that I never thought I would hear her say and I wanted to note that because it was a big thing for her to admit rather than say that I've complained or worried too much or whatever.  So my mom officially has said that I have handled this surgery and all that has gone with it better than anyone else she can think of. 

After growing up in a family where you didn't complain (hence the broken ankle that started all of this) that is a really big thing to hear.  I've tried so hard this summer to keep positive and to not get overwhelmed by how long I am in the very limited stage.  I have not always succeeded but I've tried.

And now I am going to try again to get some sleep.  I thought I was getting sleepy and turned out the light and Ancient Cat immediately needed fed.  So that had me up so I also used the bathroom to be efficient (I'm in a splint and non-weightbearing at night so consolidation is important) and grabbed my therabands so that I can do a round of exercise if I can't sleep.   And now I don't know if I'll get back to sleep or not.  Sure hope so.

And instead of closing this and sleeping I'm yelling at Just Elderly cat who is picking on Ancient Cat.   Adrenaline was just what I needed......I don't know why he is doing that.  He is the sweetest cat on earth and suddenly he's been picking on her.  It has to do with dominance I'm sure but it really makes me mad because she is so frail and harmless these days.  All she does is lay in her bed sleeping and he's batting at her and hissing.  It's like he wants her bed even though his is right beside it.  Whatever.  He's nice 99% of the time but that 1% needs to stop.

Oh so very itchy from my pain pill......my leg got really sore from going up and down to the basement during the flood so I took one and now I itch everywhere and keep checking to be sure I am not having an allergic reaction to my antibiotic.  There's only one I'm allergic to and this isn't related but having so many drug allergies and not having antibiotic allergies is pretty unusual so we are always cautious.


Jean Grey said...

I think that your mom is right- you have handled this really well, especially given that you live by yourself.

Annehueser said...

I like that you can complain here about your mother, that this can be an outlet for you. But I appreciate that you recognize the positives of her as well. There were so few positives with my mentally ill mother. I never felt like she appreciated what I did for her.