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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ok day. Bad night.

It's 3:53 AM. I need to be up by 8. I fell asleep about 3:00 AM I think and now I am pretty wide awake.  I woke up because Ancient Cat needed food (I think?  I'm no longer sure that she woke me) and when I started tossing and turning because of the stress and my ankle hurting and trying to get the splint into an acceptable position.

And this is why:  (taken from an email I wrote Michal because I can't tell this story again without crying)

I just spent a couple hours watching TV and earning Swagbucks.  I started getting ready for bed and hit start on the dishwasher.  Right after I did that I heard a funny noise in the basement.  I wobbled down to check and the basement room (under the house is a garage, a little closet I call the pantry and a utility room I call the basement) was 2 inches deep in water and I could hear water POURING out from somewhere.  I can't walk in water with my boot so I called my mom and woke her up.  She came over and found that a pipe had come out of it's fitting and the water was pouring out from the water main.  We called the plumber at 11:15pm (this being the plumber we had so much trouble with when building) and he sent someone to turn it off.  The kid was able to fix it and implied it was an error.  He said he was afraid it would be something he had done but he hadn't done that part of the plumbing.  He has it working ok and tomorrow they are going to anchor it more.

In the meantime this is a very expensive situation.  The gallons of wasted water will cost a fortune.  The wallboard in the entire area is ruined as the water came through it.  We don't know what possessions were ruined.  My grandma's sewing table is sitting in water.  My mom doesn't know if her homeowner's will cover this although I'm pretty sure they will.  But it still means increased rates and the like. But at least the insurance being involved will have someone with motivation and resources investigating if the plumber was at fault.  Because ideally he needs to pay for the damage and lost property.

I am so upset I feel sick.  I had planned to email you after I had a shower and this wasn't the planned email.  Duh, I also feel sick because I took an antibiotic just before discovering this and I didn't have a chance to eat something.  I have cellulitis under one of my breasts, probably started by underwires and crutches interacting and I just started fairly high dose antibiotics today.  I should go eat and I really don't want anything.

This has been a rough 2 days.  My mom had a colonoscopy yesterday and had a very rough time with the prep making her very sick (not just the way it should) and then the anesthetic was even worse and so she hasn't felt very good.  She had to take her friend to Cleveland Clinic for follow-up today and so she was extra tired and she was supposed to get up early to go see the girls tomorrow.  Now she is going to have to stay here and deal with this mess.

I am now officially completely overwhelmed.  I keep wondering if I ignored that sound while I was watching TV.  I had moved into my bedroom about 30 minutes before I found this and I couldn't really hear it from here.  But in the living room if I had the TV off (and I did sometimes for a few minutes) I should have heard it.  It may have only been happening a few minutes but it's hard to know.

I just can't believe this happened.  I thought that new construction had a 1 year warranty on it but apparently my mom did not have a contract that specified such things.  So I don't know.

I need to get that food in my stomach or I'll get sick from the Keflex.  And since getting rid of the cellulitis is a major priority I need that to stay in.

So that's just not good.  This is the kind of thing that makes me hate being the "poor relation".  Granted my mom is technically my landlord and therefore responsible for such things but we agreed I wouldn't start paying her until my credit card debt was gone and that's just a few months away.  (Side note which I am very proud of:  Once upon a time my credit was 523 which VERY BAD.  Dr. Mind helped a lot by constantly reminding me about paying bills and I got better.  Then I started doing things to improve my credit score on purpose in 2009 and the last few years I've decreased my debt massively by selling the house, paying down credit cards to almost nothing (nothing by Christmas hopefully), paying off private student loans and getting the federal ones discharged due to disability and I no longer make late payments, ever.  So now my credit score is right on the edge of Excellent.  I got a look at it the other day and in the next few months the last of my late payments will disappear as the reach the  7 year mark and I will have no major negatives plus the only debt I'll have by then should be my car.  Some medical stuff may wind up on a card but I'm trying hard to avoid that.  I don't know why this matters so much to me but it does.  Poor to Excellent in just 8 years.)

And now I feel sleepy but also too anxious to sleep.  I wish I could easily go make a cup of tea but to do that means crutching my way to the closet for a sock, putting on the boot and fastening 6 or 7 straps and then taking it back off when I come back to bed because I can't really sleep in it.  (Helpful hint if you ever find yourself in a boot:  If you want to sit or lay in bed with it on putting a pillowcase over it keeps your bedding clean.  You just have to be sure to remove it no matter how badly you want to get to the phone which you left in the other room.)

I wish that nobody was coming to the house to work on plumbing and that I didn't have PT today.  I'd just take some valium and sleep.  Oh well, guess I can sleep after therapy. 

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