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Friday, November 28, 2014

One Thanksgiving down

The easy one is over.  Two little girls sure do make things more fun.  The baby has only seen me with my hair down a few times and since my hair is really curly I look very different with it down.  She was kind of shy with me for a while.  Finally I scooped it all back and said "Is this better?" .  She grinned and emphatically nodded yes.  She's becoming a daredevil.  They have this little toddler slide in the playroom and she likes to climb up it and then slide down as fast as possible.  When I helped her go up she said "I climb".  Yes baby, you climb EVERYTHING.  She is just the sweetest little thing and her big sister is such a loving, caring, sweet child who does things like offer to help me up if I'm down on the floor with her.  She also makes sure people have what they need and aren't bored or lonely.  She was thrilled because when I packed up the whipped cream I gave her a "job": licking the measuring spoon from the bowl and then the 2nd "job" was licking the scraper I used to get it out of the mixing bowl.  She was in sweet tooth heaven.  She is starting to read and her interests are incredible.  Right now she's fascinated with Greek mythology.  But she also still is a big fan of Rudolph and all that goes with him.  So that's good.  When we arrived she was bribing the dogs into watching an episode of Scooby Doo with her; they help her feel brave.

On the way back my mom and I had a conversation about my brother and were more open than we've been before.  I wound up crying a bit but it helps to know we are more on the same page than not.  She keeps reminding me that some of my sadness is also because I've been so limited in what I can do for almost 9 months now (nearly 6 months from surgery and I was injured 3 months before that).  But I think things were said that will help us get through these next months.  I don't agree with all of her views about what is appropriate punishment for this type of crime but I also know that her view changed when it was her son and I know what she truly thinks.

I'm getting another migraine.  I woke with one today and took vicodin, a good size dose of advil and my naproxen for my ankle (which I took without consideration of the migraine).  I just needed the pain to go away.  Now I guess I need to get away from the computer light, take a shower so I'm ready for the craft fair in the morning (it's just a little thing but it's only a couple miles from here) and take some narcotics to sleep.  I'm pretty sure the migraines are stress but I'm going to go to the dr next week anyway just because one other time I thought my migraines had clustered and when the dr checked my throat I had strep.  Apparently some children get only headaches and nausea with strep and that is all I"d had and I've had that combination again so I'll get checked.  It also helps my mom who even though she knows I have migraines and that the neuro signs she sees are because of them when they get like this and my eye is droopy for several days (normal for me with this and cleared by the neurologist as normal enough but it's weird to see) she gets anxious.  Which I guess I understand.

I so do not want to shower....if I wait for morning I'll not want to do it then either.  Too many choices.....

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