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Friday, November 28, 2014


My family has been passing around this evil bronchitis/flu/nastiness for a month.  I had avoided it and thought all was clear but apparently the migraines were just a lead-up to this.  Today I am sick.  So sick.  I sound like I smoke about 6 packs per day.  Which means asthma treatment.  Which makes me agitated.  Which can't be helped.  I've emailed Dr. Brain to see if I can increase my extremely high dose Serqouel just a little more for a while until this is over to see if I can prevent a full-blown episode coming out of this.  It's rough.  No could meds allowed except prescription cough syrup that is liquid vicodin minus the tylenol and steroid inhalers twice a day and nebulizers every 4-6 hours.  Steroids and nebulizers agitate me and it only takes once to do it.  Right now I'm waiting for time for the next treatment to take meds and the cough syrup and go to sleep.  I have to eat something; I ate "Thanksgiving 2" but that's all I've had all day except some fruit a little bit ago.  This also means a mess for me as far as both therapies go.  Monday I will need to try to see Dr. Body.  Ideally I can see him and Dr. Mind but Dr. Mind probably doesn't want me near him so that will need to be changed if possible, making it less than ideal.  Tuesday is PT but if I can't breathe I can't do PT so that will probably have to be moved.  Not good since I cancelled this week's session.  I haven't felt good enough to be doing my exercises most of the last week so I really need to get with it before I go back.  I'll have to schedule that for later in the week and then they'll have to reduce things to whatever my asthma will allow.  Fun.I may wind up calling the PT and explaining the situation and letting him decide if he wants to do the re-eval or not.  If I can't do things and won't meet my goals bbecause of breathing it's probably better to wait.  But I don't want to run out a calendar if he has a deadline and have to get new orders from my ortho who wouldn't be impressed by that at all, even though I really can't help it.  I feel so bad right now that typing hurts because I'm so achy.

And because of that I'm going to get off here.  So not what I expected of today.....

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