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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Stupid steroids

This disease I've had (we all think influenza which is unfair since I had H1N1 in January which is 2 influenzas in 11 months) is the first respiratory thing I've managed to kick without antibiotics since I developed asthma after pertussis hurt my lungs.  Yesterday I was able to stop the breathing treatments but I'll be using the steroid inhaler for another week or so.  This one (Dulera) is the best I've been on in terms of mood but the night dose keeps me wide awake most of the night.  I can sleep all day long (and do, this virus makes you really, really tired) but as soon as that 2nd dose hits my bloodstream I'm awake for hours.  Oh well, it will end.  But I am getting better as long as I don't do too much and get a ton of rest.  I'm not hungry yet and I want to sleep all the time (except when the steroid is misbehaving) but I'm not wheezing or coughing nearly as much as I was before.  The steroid is also making me tearful and I've cried at things I will not even admit to because I'm just a touch emotional.  Normal though when I have to use the steroids.

Tomorrow Anne is coming up and we're going to do our annual Christmas gift making extravaganza.  This year we're making ornaments out of white dough made from corn starch and baking powder (soda?  sodium bicarbonate, whichever that is.  I can never remember).  I got all kind of sparkly 4 year old enticing things to press into them and so I'll make the dough, she'll cut the ornaments with cookie cutters and decorate, we'll bake them to hardern them and she'll decorate gift bags, then we'll wrap them up and she'll have gifts nobody but me will see (I just take mine that day).  It should be fun as long as I have enough energy and feel up to the whole thing.  I think it will be fast but I'm so tired that it is hard to imagine doing ANYTHING).

I went to the pet store and bought what I hope is a month worth of food for the cats today.  The guy ran it up very wrong and charged me about $40 more than he should have.  That was quite a shock until I figured it out.  I knew what it should cost and when it was way off I was confused about whether I couldn't do math or what was wrong.  But it was fixed after standing in a line a while longer so that was good.  Used a lot of energy though.

I know there was another paragraph to go here.  I have no clue what it was.  Guess I'll remember sometime.

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