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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The end of this year

I certainly didn't expect this year to be what it has been, the year of my brother's arrest and the year of the ankle.  But we don't get to choose and so that is what it was.  It had good moments; my nieces always are good moments and our beach trip was fun.  Today was great: I am officially done with ortho unless I have more problems (I have mild plantar fascitis so may be back with that but hopefully not) and I no longer have to wear a brace unless it is a risky activity.  I planned this visit for today so that I would end the first 6 months of healing on the last day of the year of the ankle (injured it March 15 and since I was sick all of January and has lithium toxicity and was adjusting to being off lithium for February and March there wasn't much good left in the earlier year) and it worked perfectly.

I still have a great deal of rehabbing to do but that seems to be getting faster; I can do things this week I couldn't last.  It will be slower this week and maybe next since my ankle is swelling in anger from walking without the brace but it will adjust.  And in 6 more months I'll be pretty fully healed.

201 days.  5 casts.  16 weeks on crutches at least 50% of the day.  6 weeks nonweightbearing.  5 months of PT (plus a pre-op month).  6 weeks on reclined bedrest.  1 home nerve block system.  6 weeks in a boot.  6 weeks of night splint.  3.5 months in a brace.  5 minutes to hear that all is well.

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