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Monday, February 23, 2015


I keep writing about things but not their conclusions.  So, quick rundown:
  • 8 lbs lost yesterday and I am finally no longer constipated.  It was awful.  Defies description.
  • My Seroquel indeed was sent to the dr.  They apparently didn't accept our note on the application, it must be on her stationary.  It doesn't say that anywhere but they really didn't care about my arguments.  So no matter what the weather or who is sick I must go for my next appointment because I have exactly enough to get me to that appointment
  • The next appointment is exciting because I'm going to be in a clinical trial.  I finally remembered to tell Dr. Brain that I'm willing to participate in any trial that isn't a drug one.  I did my time on one of those and I'm just not the right person for drug trials.  For this one all that is needed is blood but it's a neat study b/c they are looking at how drugs are metabolized in an attempt to start figuring out that way what med combinations will work for people instead of trial and error.  My results should be interesting since I metabolize all of my study meds oddly except Klonopin. (About 4 of my meds are included).
  • The ombudsman got back to me and the collection agency was of course an error.  She is new and isn't sure how to get my money refunded but it working on it.  That makes me nervous but I have contact numbers for her so I can pester her as needed.  Apparently I shouldn't have paid them while disputing it but they wanted paid.  Now.  Yesterday in fact.  And since I'm sure half the people say they don't owe the bill that's not something they care about hearing.  In any case I asked her to be sure there are no other bills floating around collections since I don't want to deal with this again.

Today's news was different.  My house is on a steep hillside.  My driveway goes down from my mom's, past a tree and into the garge while slanting slightly down on the right.  We got so much snow this weekend on top of the other snow and then ice on top of that.  I wanted to shovel yesterday but couldn't be that far from the bathroom.  So today when I tried to leave I counted on my AWD and the fact my Forester has never gotten stuck, even in some awful places doing home health.  Well, first I got backed up but got a little stuck and then trying to fix that made me slide to within inches of the tree.  I went forward trying to get straight and the back wheels slid down the slope.  Thank God for the ice as they did catch and somehow I didn't go over.  But I had to get AAA to come rescue me.  It was kind of neat; he didn't use the truck to pull it up but instead hooked a cable to the back tire and used that to pull the back end up to level and then backed the car out of the bad spot for me.  So I had to reschedule Dr. Mind at the last minute but I did not have a terrifying slide down a very steep hill backwards.  I see the good in that.

For now I'm so tired and trying to stay up late enough my body doesn't treat going to sleep as a nap.  No sleep for 36 hours and all that I went through yesterday plus a ton of shoveling today was a lot.  It was so cold out there.  My face looks like I have a horrible rash but it's just windburn.  On the plus side I shoveled snow and my ankle survived with only a few angry pops to remind me that it wasn't fond of this.  I'll take that.  Had it been really icy I wouldn't have tried but it wasn't and I can't stand making my mom take on my driveway as well as the part of hers she shovels (the whole thing is enormous and too much to shovel.  Our neighbor has been plowing us out but not doing my little driveway.)  For now I'm parked at my mom's where I can get out easily.

I think that's it.  More to come soon.

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Michal McAllister said...

Oh my goodness! Sure glad you "lost 8 pounds" in time for your crazy episode in the car! I always think of you when I see a beautiful Forester. I'm thankful that you had a great experience with AAA.

Thanks for wrapping up threads of the difficult things you've been handling. Very impressive that you're out shoveling snow!!

We're still in the throes of a warm spring here in the Seattle area...60's and very little drizzle some days.

Hugs, Jen!