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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Green smoothies-we'll try again

I did some reading about green smoothies before trying them.  I learned about the nutritional value, how to get more nutrients in them and how to make them really count as a replacement for some meal.  Nothing I read in the glowing reviews of this technique mentioned go slow or you will be in terrible pain from constipation caused by tons of fiber sitting in your intestines.  I learned about that AFTER I started searching for "green smoothies constipation".  

I wish I'd known to go more slowly and avoid this.  I'm in a lot of pain tonight which hopefully is all the treatments I'm using (natural plus a non-natural laxative) working.  I'm so backed up it is causing reflux, I can't fasten my jeans and I've gained about 6 lbs.  

I've been here many times before.  It will end and usually it ends sometime relatively close to feeling like this.  If it doesn't end I have more aggressive treatments.  

For now I've decided that I'm going to deal with getting my body sorted out and then I am going to do small, not very fiber-filled smoothies over the next few weeks and just keep up with the increased fruit and veggie intake as I can tolerate.  For now I'm eating whatever in hopes that this will somehow kickstart my digestion.  After I get home from the beach next month I'll actually resume doing smoothies to help with getting the right nutrients but this time I'll be increasing very slowly based on how my body is responding.

I can't believe that this is the consequence of doing something that seemed so healthy.  I also wish I could just sleep through the rest of it but that's not about to happen.

My poor belly......

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