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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Many things

Sorry for scarce postings. Essentially, I've got lots going on. The weather here continues to interfere with my life. I actually am now ice-skating to my car, and my car slides down the driveway onto the street. It's a great start to the day.

There are several stressful things at work. I can't go into it, but this job may be reaching an end. Many things are great but the distance just isn't.

I'm also totally stressed out about money. Basically I have just general anxiety that is centering on money. I'll survive, I've messed myself up by panicking and paying too much on debt to try to fix things all at once. Won't happen.

My anxiety is also just up because of something super: I'm on less medication! Because I want to give work the best shot I've got before I quit I cut back on my Depakote before I was really supposed to. So far I feel really good except for anxiety. So I'll have to take something for that. I see Dr. Brain Saturday so she'll fix it. She always does.

The benefits of cutting back on meds are incredible. (Not that anyone should do this without doctor approval, of course; these reasons aren't exactly sufficient). One thing I've kept quiet here but am now believing enough to say: I'm losing weight. First, remember I have also come off of 350 mgs of Seroquel in the last 6 months and that has a role. (Plus in the last while I'm down 1000 mgs, or 1/3 of my enormous dose of Depakote). But we're having a weight loss competition at work. My team is in 3rd place for our company and a lot of it is me. I've lost 12 lbs in a month, I think. I'm down to some pants being too big to wear anymore, and some one size lower fitting. I am so excited. I was scared to try because it's sometimes so hard to lose psychotropic weight and I did not want to fail because I'd be hard on myself. But it's actually gone well. I'm doing a diet for people with insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), which makes total sense because a)it's a set of guidelines, not a diet b)atypical anti-psychotics make you prone to diabetes c)I've got signs of pre-diabetes and actually had a non-fasting glucose a month ago that could have qualified me for diabetic testing (but I had a lot of juice before that test so we're waiting to see if it's a glitch).

So, that's about that.


Cranky Amy said...

Which "diet" is this? I've already cut out soda's, but I'd love to know what's out there for insulin-resistance, since I'm on metformin.

Just Me said...

The book I have been using as a guide is Reader's Digest Magic Foods.

There are maybe 50 foods in there with lots of ideas on how to eat them different ways, plus recipes and examples of how small changes to a "normal" (unhealthy) diet can regulate insulin.

Except when I have PMS it is great; until PMS I haven't been hungry or craved things. With PMS I'm giving in and eating things I crave some because otherwise I'll be miserable. Plus I get migraines with PMS and chocolate helps them for some reason (I've heard magnesium?).

I got it at Sam's Club but I'm sure it's available elsewhere. I mainly wanted recipes but haven't even gotten too much into those because I'm really enjoying the basics.