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Sunday, February 01, 2009

New addition

You'll notice a button has been added to my page on the right.

Somewhere I stumbled into this family and have enjoyed the love that is so evident in their family stories while they deal with a medically fragile, adorable little girl who has Down syndrome, a kindergartener who has autism, a toddler, and a very sweet, obviously from her recent "I have a dream" essay, smart 2nd grader. They've been through a lot; the medically fragile child has had many surgeries and is almost 2 years out from the diagnosis of leukemia (she's been in remission a long time). And the father is in the Army and has been overseas for the last 15 months.

They are in the process of adopting a little girl from an Eastern European nation who also has Down syndrome. Apparently in those orphanages we hear so much about children with even minor disabilities are institutionalized and un-adoptable at the age of 5. Many never leave a crib, even when it is outgrown.

Anyway, I try to randomly support a charity every month or so. This year I'm going to try to keep this family on my list for repeats.

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