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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Irony I don't want

As discussed throughout this blog, over the last 15 months lithium and I have had an interesting relationship. After much, much debate last week I decided to give it one more try because I simply had not felt good since a few days after I decided I couldn't tolerate it in December. I tried very hard to make it work then because I was afraid; it was the only constant in my years with this disorder.

It seemed to be going so well. I was a little thirsty, but not desperate. And I was feeling better. The psychologist noticed it Monday, and I was starting to feel more confident of it by yesterday.

And then, today happened. Today it was warm and humid. Nursing homes are miserably hot. By the time I had worked 2 hours I had signs of lithium toxicity. They were minor, but present. I have no idea if that's ok, if transient signs can occur since I just started it, or if that's the sign that I'll move on to the next med in the next few days. I guess I'll know soon.

So, today we have learned that it is very likely that I need lithium to feel good and yet my body simply can't handle it.

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