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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sorry I missed your call, the phone company rejected me

A certain, unnamed phone company with 3 letters and an ampersand in it's name, has been taking over everything in this region. It was bad enough when it took over my regular phone. But now....My cellular provider ever since I moved to this state doesn't have coverage in the area where I work and am most likely to be driving home in the dark. Furthermore, they made me angry with a stupid policy and rude customer service person on a day I was tired and in a bad mood.

Today my phone DIED. I've been babying it for a while. Now it is gone to heaven for good. This is not good. I need that thing as I move between multiple worksites and deal with vendors, etc. I knew what company I wanted to switch to, and finally accepted that I was going to have to pay to end my contract with the other company early.

So I went to the new place, picked out a plan and phone, and after they entered my information I was informed that they won't "accept" me as a customer because I live out of their coverage area by about 3 miles. I explained I know this, but I use it while driving and they do cover everywhere I go, just not my town because there is no coverage whatsoever in this town. It is not serviced by any towers at all.

So now I have to deal with another company that I know won't work well where I work, and which has very, very inconvenient hours.

I was just rejected by the phone company.

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