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Monday, April 30, 2007

Ack, Lamictal

I have the mother of all headaches and it won't go away. I am so tempted to take 1/4 of a vicodin but I'm scared it will knock me out and I have to work in the morning. Tylenol isn't cutting this at all. I want so badly to take ibuproferon, but that can increase lithium levels. My dose is so low that this might not matter, except that I am so susceptible that it also could matter a lot.

Headaches are part of starting Lamictal. I remember from the other time I was on it that I had the worst headaches I'd ever had in my life during the first weeks. This time I've had one or two per week, and they have been unpleasant for sure. I'm much tougher about side effects now, so it's not the worst thing ever, but it hurts.

I hate Tylenol. (watch this become a search term that I am listed high on)

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Emilija said...

Another OTR with bipolar! That is so wonderful to find! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Good luck with the lamictal.