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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quick changes

Please note I altered my links list to the side. One site wasn't working anymore (Emilijia? you closed?) and the other was a product I no longer want to "advertise".

The one I don't want to advertise was the company that I purchased my dawn/dusk simulator from. I love the whole idea and I need it to fall asleep and then to awaken. The problem is that the quality was a bit questionable. For one thing, these things are expensive. All versions are, and it's understandable, it's got a lot of computer chips. They come cheaper if you only want dawn simulation, but for me the dusk is possibly even more important. (Surprise, surprise, I'm backward!) But when you pay $150 for a clock you tend to expect quality. The first one broke within a year. They replaced it free of charge and I was happy. Until the 2nd one broke the same way, this time maybe 18 months later.

So I bought one from the place I got my light therapy box, which I was thrilled with. We'll see how the clock works out, but I'm expecting good things. For those considering a light box, here's a few fun facts: the one this place sells is more specific in the light frequency than standard boxes. This makes it very small and you only have to do it 15 minutes per day. It has diodes rather than bulbs and the diodes are supposed to last 30 years. So for $169 or something like that it's way worth it. Plus, this code DRDU0108 gets you $30 off. It still works; I used it last night when I ordered the dawn/dusk simulator. So I've saved $60 with them. Oh, and my light box, I ordered it on Sunday night and it was on my porch Tuesday evening.

Another change: I'll email those of you who this is relevant to and will post it on the sidebar thing, but I'll have a new email in the next few days. I decided to trial giving up TV because I wasn't even watching it. I reduced my cable to basics 6 months ago and haven't even connected the TV. So I'm switching to DSL later this week which is WAY cheaper and doesn't involve dealing with Roadrunner, who I really don't like. Plus it's one less bill to mess up paying.

So more later. I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, although I didn't sleep well at all last night. I forgot that too much vicodin makes me itchy. That's ok though, I have to run to the pharmacy (where else?) then it's nap time.

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