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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Really good news and really annoying news

The really good news is that I got to cut my Depakote a little bit more. I'm now down from 3000 mg to 1750 mg. I am adding an ativan because I'm having more anxiety and less mood issues right now. We'll see how it goes, I'm just glad to try.

The other really good news is that I'm officially doing well with work and will not be getting fired. It's the first time work has been a stable thing in YEARS.

The third good news is that I'm making taco soup, which I love. Since I've been losing all this weight I'm accumulating a lot of good and healthy recipes, and I plan to start posting some of them soon. However, first I have to work out the bad thing......

I saw the nephrologist (kidney doctor) about my diabetes insipidus this week. I left totally confused. For one thing, somehow I no longer have DI. I have a precursor. But if that's true, he's only looking at my medicated labs, as I know he agreed I had it based on my pre-treatment labs and that he had me start treatment before he saw me last year. For another, he told me I have hyperkalemia (high potassium). This is not really something you want, as if it gets bad enough it can stop your heart. I am not anywhere near that point, but I was told to watch my diet. He wasn't very specific and I thought I'd have time to ask questions after being given the diet sheet. Instead he moved to the next patient and the nurse gave me the sheet and no chance to ask questions. Which I had in spades, because the list of high potassium foods is the same list of things I have been eating to lose weight. So now I'm a little freaked out because I don't want to re-gain the weight (which then just increases my risk of diabetes, which would harm my kidneys another way), but I don't want to die either.

So I asked Dr. Brain about all this and she asked questions he hadn't, and turns out that if you mix the med I take for my kidneys and NSAIDs you get hyperkalemia. Normally I don't take NSAIDs, but the week I had that lab drawn I had taken them for several days because of the strep pain.

This week I've have to see Dr. Body for a new plan and possibly a new nephrologist as I'm not really happy with this guy. I know I'm probably his healthiest patient, but I still deserve a bit of attention, or release me from services. And he acted like he was clueless. I think he let his medical student do the note and recommendations last year, which is scary since the med student knew NOTHING about DI.

It's been a while since I've had to turn on the big bear advocate-for-yourself part of my personality. I can't wait. Not.

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