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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sometimes we healthcare professionals are pretty darn dense. Today I discovered one of those times.

I was working with a patient who has had a stroke and is in the final countdown to leaving. She asked me to see what was in a binder the hospital rehab had given her before she left that she never bothered to check out since we were keeping her quite busy.

It was a nice binder with different sections for each set of professionals who had worked with her and a bunch of info about strokes. The therapists included exercises, pharmacy included her meds, etc. But there was one very odd section.

The vast majority of this patient's binder was about...breast self-exams. 27 pages of it, in fact. Why? No clue. She had breast cancer a long time ago, but she does her exams and sees her dr regularly. So why someone decided that immediately after a serious stroke the most immediate need was breast exams is beyond me.

Next we'll treat colds with muscle stretching. It seems as related.


Emilija said...

I'm sure your facility can now report that it has met some quality indicator by educating the patient on self-exams. So much for personalized care. All these quality controls and standardized approaches bring up the really bad care, but they stifle the good care and innovation.

otgirl said...

That's really funny, not to mention awkward for you. Maybe it was someone's personal project months ago and the binder got recycled without being emptied.