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Saturday, February 02, 2013


I have been taking a small dose of Neurontin for the last month to try to help me sleep.  I was on this at a much higher dose to treat akasthesia a couple years ago and while it did stop the akasthesia it also made me a zombie.  I would fall asleep mid-sentence.  I'd type emails that looked like this "Hi, alskdjfohyweruihwew" and send them thinking they made sense, my eyes would cross and so I couldn't drive and basically no matter how low the dose I was just not functional on it.  But the one thing it was good at was making me tired so this seemed to be a reasonable idea.  The first few days I took it I slept.  I may have even fallen asleep fairly normally.  And then it did not work.  I fought with it until I couldn't handle the fatigue and grudgingly got permission to take more of it. I started that sometime recently (this week I think) and was very frustrated as I saw 3 or 4 AM every day.  But then I noticed it does work, it's just not at all controlled.  There's no telling how many hours it takes and I don't think it really puts me to sleep but I think when sleep comes naturally it works like being caught underneath a mattress---WHUMP.  8 or 12 hours later I wake up.  So this is not ideal and not what I desperately want before I land in the hospital (ie something that puts me to sleep before I am ready to explode from the anxiety of being kept in bed with limited movement or activity when it doesn't matter, I can't sleep.)  Nonetheless I've decided WHUMP sleep is vastly preferable to no sleep.  Last night I was mostly asleep when it occurred to me that I'd left a light on in my car.  I traipsed outside in the very, very cold yet gorgeous night to fix this and it took a while because I had a switch set wrong and so I had to get the book out along with being tired and freezing.  But eventually I got it and came back in, wide awake.  I still was asleep in 15 minutes.

And, after all, someone who is going to be an aunt again soon needs her sleep, right?


Michal Ann said...

"WHUMP" is very descriptive as is
"it works like being caught underneath a mattress." :) In any case, SLEEP IS GOOD, Aunt Jen X 2!!

Good for remembering to turn off the car's light and enjoying the gorgeous night...freezing your buns off but doin' it. I can't imagine having to get out the instruction manual! Being able to get right back to sleep?? A dream!

Hugs, Michal

Anne said...

Congratulations on being an aunt again!