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Monday, April 22, 2013


I was so upset with Dr. Mind and expected an awkward session.  Instead we had the best session we've had in a long time.  I hadn't realized how intense it has been.  Today we just talked.  There wasn't a lot of fighting to deal with anything, there were no tears, and we talked about things relevant to now but also we just talked.  We've done sessions like that occasionally for years because the normal (ish) socialization is good for me both to practice and to just experience.  Since at least January we have not had a single session that wasn't intense, at least that I can remember.  So today was actually nice.  I did briefly tell him what I felt the truth was related to his statements last week and he accepted that.  There was not a big confrontation about how upset I was last week and I really, really needed that.  I am taking it to mean both of us weren't right last week.

My new apartment plans are done and I've chosen cabinets and I think paint colors except for the bathroom and I'm close on it.  We played a game of "let's reduce costs" today so we cut out a couple of windows, a small cabinet, etc.  My sister is going to give me their fridge so they can have a bigger one as they become a family of 4, and that's really a nice gift since it's a very nice fridge but small for their purposes.  It's one of the freezer on bottom ones and to me it will seem enormous.  The apartment is bigger than we thought initially, 600 square feet and there is a nice little deck as well.  I am probably no longer welcome in Sherwin Williams; I have collected a LOT of paint samples of late.  They have these neat things that I'm using where there are about 15 color choices that are put together so every one of them matches all the others.  It works nicely.  Next up is financing on my mom's end.  I have the weird thing of having excellent credit but such a low income that I couldn't get a $50 loan.  A few year ago I had not good credit but a lot of income.  I'm so glad that I worked hard to fix my credit the last several years I was working.

Anyway, I'm doing battle with another migraine and I think I need to get away from the screen.  All the things I thought would be rotten with menopause have not been that bad and the things that I never expected like migraines really frustrate me.  I am hanging tight to the idea that this should only last about 5 years as it's sped up somewhat by having my fallopian tubes removed with my hysterectomy.  That reduces ovarian blood supply and usually makes everything stop more quickly.  We'll see.


Michal Ann said...

SUCH good news about your session with the good doctor. It sounds like a refreshing time in spite of all the emotion preceding this meeting.

What great progress with the housing project. It's so cool that everything will be new and fresh.

Sleep well, dear Jen.

xo Michal

Jean Grey said...

Hope you are doing ok