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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two and a half weeks

What an up and down time.  My mood is swinging everywhere.  Perhaps that is good, perhaps it means that the severe depression that was in control for so long is leaving.  Some hours are decent, something I'm actually no longer used to.  A few times I've gotten 8-12 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.  Other times I've cried for little reason or for good reason.  One night this week I cried for 5 hours out of terror that my nieces could inherit the genes that cause bipolar.  Completely overboard and caused by nothing.  The reality is that it is on both sides of our family and so they do have an increased risk.  But nobody knows what it is.  If I didn't have it heavily on one side of the family and at least 1 person on the other, ie I was like most people, my siblings would have a 1:3 risk each.  Two are fine, the other is still young and I don't know what his life is like. 

I'm reaching the end of packing that can be done before I'm out of here, or at least the last few days.  I'm working on the kitchen slowly as it tends to be emotionally more difficult than other parts of the house were.  In 2.5 weeks I'll be moving to my mom's and will stay there until my new place is done.  That's supposed to be by early fall but the construction people can be a lot slower than what they estimate.  We're working on having my room/area at my mom's ready for me.

Tonight I'm going to do something that will be hard on my cats, who are already very aware that something strange is up.  At the moment I have their beds (2 per cat for some reason) along one wall of my bedroom.  Until a few weeks ago they had 2 on that wall (both heated) and 2 non-heated beds elsewhere in the be
room and another room.  The room that I've been using for boxes (right now there's only one not in storage) needs to be emptied and painted. So that means boxes will sit in my bedroom and to do this the cat beds are moving.  I hate to disrupt things further for them and I'm going to try to keep this down to minimal but they'll notice and that's hard to watch.  (Easier to feel their pain than mine).

This week really should be considered ultra-successful.  I think last time I wrote about AAA harming my car with an incorrectly done jump-start.  After numerous phone calls, a letter and a lot of documents sent to the investigator I won and will get a check for my new battery and for the computer diagnostics/reset done at the dealership.  I also am extremely thankful that this is all they are paying for as reading about this issue I learned they could have (probably nearly did) blow my starter and can even destroy things like the entire computer system.  That's not really what you are aiming for with a 2.5 year old car.

Yesterday I got a check refunding me for dental insurance that I kept paying because they didn't notify me my payment was a day late and they terminated it last year.  I've been battling this since February and was getting close to having to start going after them legally.  Then last week they sent me a letter that they would not longer be "assisting" me because they weren't contracted with my prior employer.  I sent a letter to the prior employer and within days found myself saying "OH!" very loudly in the post office when the envelope with a check arrived, seemingly out of nowhere. 

With that and my tax refund that I didn't expect but which was payout for vacation days and a small amount related to an IRA I'd cashed in I actually have a little savings to go toward house stuff if I don't make a profit off the house.  This is very exciting since I'll feel better if I buy things myself instead of my mom paying for my curtains and whatever.

Anyway, tonight is pill box filling night and I suppose I should get on that since it should have been done 15 minutes ago.   I hate that task more than is rational.  It takes a long time even though most pills are precounted into a week's supply from when I get them at Dr. Mind's office.

What else can I do to avoid that job????

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