Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:13

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The movers are coming.....not next week as I expected but Wednesday when they had a cancellation.  As in the day that starts 1 day and 8 minutes from now.  It's fine, I'm really ready anyway, but it's just a little faster than I thought. 

My  mother ran a program to speed up my computer and deleted all my downloads, which included a whole bunch of pictures.

My sister was mean to me.  I quoted her daughter on facebook and she didn't like the cultural implications and took it down and lectured me.  *I* did not teach her 2 year old the phrase that my mom and I both thought was so funny, in the video sent BY MY SISTER and taken BY MY SISTER.  I cried for a long time over that.  Then I cried more because while I was crying a bunch of ants took over my cookie.  I probably ate a bunch of ants on the other cookie I had because it was near the ant-stolen one.

Small panic attack, email to Dr. Brain, and my lip still won't stop twitching.  Oh, and my sister forgave me.  I am trying SO HARD to not show my temper or tears because she is just mean when pregnant.  Two more months......Then comes the difficult task of not showing that I (and everyone else who has heard it) think the name that has been chosen is well, not a name.  It's an object.  We'll shorten it and the shorter name is fine but her real first name is not good.  She'll spend her whole life explaining it and kids will pick on her.  Little Anne's name is unusual but pretty and also is a real name.  Actually Anne's name is gaining popularity and I think that's why they are going to absolute left field.  Believe me, little sister will not have that issue. 

I'm so tired.  I went to Dr. Mind, the library, and Walmart.  I loaded soaking wet mulch into my car because it was raining.  I ran into the nursery for a plant because I miscounted last week how many I needed to fill some gaps, getting even more soaked on my muddy shirt in the  process. I went to my house, changed into whatever was dry and started throwing last minute items into boxes and moving what I didn't need for now into the garage.  I got home at 8, lugged a ton of things upstairs, showered, and then the whole mean sister thing started.

This is not going to be an easy week.


therapydoc said...

Moving only feels crazy. But then, you've moved!

Just Me Jen said...

thanks for the comment. That was truly strange though. At 8:30 last night in the shower I was thinking I hadn't been to your blog in a while. When I checked my email next there was your comment. Too bad that doesn't work with money!