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Monday, July 15, 2013

thought(s) of the day

I just signed the contract on my house.  I'm really happy with my realtor who is paying for a requested survey out of her profits because I took a bigger hit than hoped for in price.

Proceeding now to the men probably won't care/understand section:

It always seemed like menopause should be a gift.  Since I had the hysterectomy the side effects of that are a gift.  Menopause however is ANNOYING.  One too many hot flashes and migraines lately.  My hormones seem exceptionally out of whack this month, possibly from the extra Seroquel which screwed with my hormones when I started it and possibly just because it happens, but I am at this point not agreeing to continue.  (In general this isn't that bad, this last 10 days has just been trying and I just had one of the nasty sweaty hot flashes that seems to linger for way too long instead of the ones I handle more often and accept as a part of life for now.  Ugh).

They said about 5 years from my surgery because if that kicked menopause into a higher gear (it did) that would be because of loss of some of the ovarian blood supply and the ovaries don't last very long after that.  I'm almost to a year from surgery.


Jean Grey said...

Are you a candidate for HRT? There are some medical risks with early menopause. HRT may reduce some of these risks. And I'm guessing you would only need to take estrogen, no progesterone, because of your surgery.

Just Me Jen said...

Nope, no HRT. That's why I have ovaries at all; most people would have had them removed because they were cystic and not functioning well.

Based on my history with any hormone changes, natural or not, my drs. decided that HRT would put me at real risk for suicide as well as becoming absolutely psychotic and that any mood issues might be impossible to break. I can't have most or any of the natural remedies because of the MAOI so for now it's just me and the hot flashes. There's a brand new drug just approved for hot flashes that is non-hormonal and if it gets worse there is that option possibly (don't know anything about interactions) but I'd bet that nobody wants me to take it either.

The good thing is that they think there is a chance that my body is so sensitive to hormones that my bipolar will improve when menopause is more in place. We'll see, but I do understand the point. My "unheard of" (although I've had numerous people contact me about it (usually without the suicidal issues) after posting here and on a hysterectomy site) reaction to the minute amount of progestin in the Mirena IUD is a sign of this. We hope.

For now, menopause means hot flashes, sore breasts a lot, migraines, and I drink a frightening amount of milk and eat a lot of dairy. I've craved milk since this really started and I let myself have it because it's milk, not sugar, and my mother has pretty significant osteoporosis. She never drank milk as opposed to my consistent consumption but she's been on Reclast since she was 61 I think. Otherwise I take a very complete multi-vitamin, a calcium supplement and vitamin D and my doctors feel that's sufficient. Like most things we patch together the best treatment possible, not the treatment everyone hopes for.