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Monday, November 18, 2013

All is not lost-medication redemption maybe

I saw Dr. Brain this weekend.  As always she is willing to spend time to make things work, which the neurologist didn't.  I don't expect her to, it just would have helped to be sure that I had a script I could pay for before sending me away for 3 months.

Dr. Brain tried pricing every triptan (migraine med group) and then cross-checking with my ability to pay.  They are all horribly expensive.  The best she found was still more than I could pay.  I left knowing that I was going to be able to buy about 1/month and hope I hit the worst headache with it.  She did clear me to take some supplements from the list the neuro provided and said another patient who has similar symptoms of bipolar plus similar med issues and migraines just started the same group of supplements and is doing well.  I had asked about magnesium in the past and Dr. Body wasn't thrilled because of my wobbly electrolytes.  But looking back at them I have stayed very stable at the low end of normal so I'm on magnesium now.  It isn't supposed to be a laxative dose but I will be cutting back on my prescription laxative tomorrow.  If it is handled ok then I'll be adding melatonin and Co-enzyme Q10, one at a time. 

When I got home I was searching for more information on the triptan and stumbled onto a website called www.internetdrugcoupons.com  .  If the thing works and there's no obvious reason for it not to then it is going to mean I can get 4-5 triptan pills per month.  The site has tons of offers for different meds, both OTC and prescription.  This one is really good; I spend $10, they will pay up to $100 and even gave me a link to find the lowest prices.  So I think for $30 I'll be able to have 4 or 5 pills.  Not the 10 she hoped for but something.

Today has been mainly headache-less, just a little bit so I can't say it's a free day but it is a better day.  I think today's could be sponsored by my toothache.  I see the dentist Tuesday to find out if I need intervention there.  I am hoping if I do he can do it that day because I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about needing a root canal in a week or whatever.  I also think the toothaches add to the migraines.  And I am supposed to have the girls Friday so I want the thing done as long before that as possible.  Fridays are extra fun with the girls because my sister takes Anne to playgroup and I get rare 1:1 time with Geraldine.  Last time she slept nearly the whole time and I read while holding her.  That's not as much fun as playtime (or naked butt time which she thinks is hilarious) but after Anne has lunch on playgroup days she usually needs decompression time which is more baby time and then combination of baby and Anne time.  Anne and I have a routine now where we always paint her nails, we always work on letters because that is her big interest right now (last time she wrote half my name before being stumped by N), I try to bring a little craft project to do with her, and we are reading Shel Silverstein, usually while I'm giving the baby a bottle.  I have a great craft for her if I only can make myself endure the craft store which I desperately need to do tomorrow.  Soon we'll be making paper chains.

Anyway, I don't want to miss my big day because of toothache.  I don't plan to; I worked the day after my other root canal and that was so infected the doctor offered to show it to me and then said I was 1 day of hospitalization with sepsis.  This shouldn't be so bad.  I hope.  It's been hurting for months but got a lot worse lately. 

No other real news.  The work on the house seems to have totally stopped.  The inside is done except for electrical stuff, installing the toilet and getting appliances.  Everything that is still hanging is vital and halted completely, like turning electrical wires into outlets and things; finishing ductwork and the furnace installation; bringing the water line up to the house; finishing the septic system and connecting it; getting a hot water heater in; installing the garage door.  It's all vitally important things and it's so frustrating to see how great it looks in the living area yet I can't live there.  Hopefully this week people will pick things back up.

And that's it.


Jean Grey said...

I have tried melatonin a couple of times hoping it could get me off of the ambien, but it didn't. I think it made me a little depressed, but I can't be sure (too many variables)- but since it didn't help with sleep I stopped taking it. I think that it is a really good thing to take. It can decrease the chance of breast cancer- always a risk with us childless gals. And it is a powerful antioxident, which can be helpful with preventing tardive dyskinesia. But I am not taking it because of the possible effect on my mood.

Michal Ann said...

Lots going on! Yes, no wonder you've been grouchy!!

Interesting that you found the drugstore site. I always buy at Costco.

You're an amazing aunt, Jen.

xo Michal