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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh boy

I got my paperwork for medicare a month ago but haven't been brave enough to search for plans until today.  I didn't thoroughly look and I avoided the drug plans but I did find out that I can't get a Medigap policy.  That means that all co-pays come directly from me.  I had hoped to pay for the Medigap to reduce my costs a bit since I have to pay 20% of everything that isn't inpatient and inpatient has high costs too.  Ohio is behind in requiring Medigap for disabled people and while I know it is possible it isn't possible in this county. 

This is going to make some decisions for me.  I need to have ankle surgery and I need to do it before too much more time passes as my ankle is turning in more and more and my achilles is getting tight.  As I understand this surgery it requires quite a bit of physical therapy.  I am going to be better off to be on home health to get that than to go to outpatient. Which is probably fine; I probably will be homebound then anyway more or less and it pays 100%.  But I just never thought that this would be something I'd need. 

I wish there were ways to know what exactly co-pays will be with Medicare rates.  Going on Medicare is really hard without knowing that because I can't plan ahead.  I have no idea if I'll get any assistance from Cleveland Clinic if I have a huge bill (surgery) as I'll be applying for assistance as an exemption instead of just qualifying as I do now.

I hate this waiting thing.  I could do a managed medicare program but I need to know if Dr. Body participates and if the whole thing is a good idea; those can be huge rip-offs at times.  I know a lot about it but not what to do.  So I guess I do the easiest to understand way this year and change next if necessary.



Jean Grey said...

At my hospital we do have people on Medicare who qualify for charity care- which means that they don't have to pay their co-pays and deductible. But not too many people qualify for this. Most of my Medicare patients either have a supplemental, are in an Advantage plan, or have Medicaid as a secondary (although my state is increasing putting these patients into HMO's).

Michal Ann said...

Yeah, I'd say "ack" too! You're really amazing at figuring out all this complicated stuff.

Blessings, Michal