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Saturday, November 30, 2013


Last year Thanksgiving was wonderful and very special.  We were on the Outer Banks and we love it there.  Anne was at a very funny age.  Everything was great but it wasn't a standard Thanksgiving.  The year before that Dr. Mind and I agreed there was no way I was participating because I had just gotten out of the hospital with lithium toxicity and still felt like crap plus had no slept in several days between hallucination and the hospital messing up my psych meds, so I skipped it.  The year before that I had whooping cough and wasn't allowed near Anne (and other people weren't really going to want to be with me; I was still pretty sick).  The year before that was just my mom and I and we ditched all tradition and had a delicious roast recipe that I have never cooked again because the next day I felt funny at work and then we kept sending really sick patients to the ER and my co-wokers teased me that it was making me nervous.  Until I said it started that morning.  Then they stayed far away.  I was so sick I was in the ER twice for fluids and rule out appendicitis and then had to see Dr. Mind twice more in the next week.  So it's been a long time since Thanksgiving was normalish.  This year it was my brother, mom and I and that's pretty normal.  My sister's family alternates grandparents so next year will be more lively but it was nice with just the 3.  Not too loud, just the right amount of food, etc.

Friday my mom and sister went shopping for a while and then Anne came up.  We've just hung out mostly.  We went to a crafts show today and later made a craft I've been waiting to do with her for a few months.  She's got a cold and gets tired pretty easily right now so lots of reading and playing on the ipad happened.  She played with most of her toys at some point, she just wanted a lot more quiet time.

My mouth seems to be healing well except that anything cold is extremely painful for 5-10 minutes.  He told me that the way this tooth died isn't the typical pattern and that it gets really irritated throughout the tooth (not just the root canals) and the surrounding gum tissue as well.  I think that the ligaments between the teeth also were irritated when we started and drilling through porcelain and metal in my crown had to have vibrated that pretty well; the drilling was pretty ugly sounding.  So I think that's what hurts since the tooth can't hurt anymore but I hope it stops soon.  I'm cheating again and using ibuproferon cautiously until I see some sign of lithium issues (I always get sick so I'll know) because I think rather than just suffering through it and not drinking enough, drinking only warmed drinks, or taking vicodin when I only have pain a small part of the day, are not as likely to help as reducing the inflammation.  I'll call the dentist next week if I have to but I want to try to control it first.

I forget what else I wanted to say.  I just somehow choked on my millionth cup of tea and it wiped out my brain content or something. 

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