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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I saw the dentist today.  My tooth is not infected but based on several things he feels that it is dying and it is time for a root canal.   This was further indicated by the 10/12 days of migraines lately.  He thinks it is likely that the tooth is contributing.  So, between the supplements I'm slowly adding to my daily pile o' pills  (and for the next week or 2 antibiotics) there is hope that I'll get some pain relief soon without needing too many $35 pills (before the discount I hope still works).

The tooth may not be salvageable.  It has a crown already because of a deep crack from grinding.  If it is too destroyed in there I'm going to lose the tooth which will lead to further expenses in getting some kind of fake tooth.  That disturbs me; we already are anticipating dental troubles and this is kinda my fault a little in that I'm not good at wearing my bite guard.  That is only partly my fault and partly it is a consequence of sexual abuse and the dentist knows this (without an actual discussion; gagging just goes with it) but at the same time I know my teeth are at risk because of the constant dry mouth along with grinding and I can't afford to start losing them now.  If it can be saved there is still the really fun question of "can this crown handle drilling?".  If it can't I'm out about double the money for a new one. 

So the point of that is that it is going to be a long week of waiting to see what happens but also I am so relieved that there is something wrong that might be fixed.

Otherwise I discovered today that after working on eye contact with Dr. Mind and really with ANYONE for the last 3 months I found the one person I will make eye contact with.  The dentist.  I have no idea why.  He is wonderful but hardly my best friend.

My house has electricity!  Some lights turn on and the microwave is in place and presumably works.  This is very exciting.  It was nice to finally really see in there.  By the time the workers leave it's generally getting later and dimmer.  So this is a nice step forward.  Now for the other 200 steps (including water, heat, and a toilet) and I may get to live there in 2013.  It's been hard lately because there have been several things that have not been done correctly and have required re-doing.  The one making me the most angry is the storm door.  I bought it open box and the directions were missing.  My mother offered to print them off and the workers said they were fine.  The first day they didn't put the hydraulic things that make the door close right on.  This door has 2.  The top just opens and closes the door; the bottom does that and has a button on it that is how you hold the door open.  Both pieces were there after the door was first installed.  I saw them.  Now the top piece is there, the door doesn't close unless pulled shut and the other piece is missing.  They say "maybe it wasn't there".  No, it was.  I think it got thrown in someone's truck thinking they could get away with not doing it right.  I had the same door at my old house though and so I know what is wrong.  But we had to order replacement parts for $35.  My mom is most upset because way back I told them I wanted white outlet covers and light switches.  Like a number of things I told them and gave them in writing and which are written on the floor plan kept by the company in the house they ignored this and put in almond which looked terrible.  Then my mom has to complain and have them redo things which they in turn are a bit annoyed about.  My mom has had a good relationship with  them for a long time but this time there are too many people doing the job and communication on their part has sucked.  I think the project has just gone too long.  It's only a few months from when my mom went to them for a bid initially and we're 3 months into construction of a tiny building.  It's frustrating.

I have to get my pills put away before I knock all the bottles off my lap making a huge mess.

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