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Friday, November 15, 2013

No wonder I was grouchy

I now have a reason for my grouchiness and removed post from last night.  I have: a migraine, day 2 and I've had one for 9 days of the last 11 including one of the worst ever last night; a toothache; and a cold with a fever.  Oh, and somehow I have misplaced my cell phone in my bed and I don't feel like moving to find it.

I also was looking for my thermometer and brought over a little bag that has toothpaste, a comb, etc. that I use when I travel.  Toiletries bag?  Whatever.  I had blown my nose and was sitting her wondering why it smelled like the psych unit.  That bag has absorbed the scent, probably from being in a dresser drawer each time.  How weird, a little way to visit 6N from my own home.  Yippee.

I have to find that stinking phone.  I need to refill my meds.  Looks like I'm refilling the vicodin since I sure won't be using much of the $400 migraine medication....

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Jean Grey said...

I used to take Naproxen for my migraines (usually with a cup of coffee). Since I'm back on lithium, I try not to take that unless I am really desperate. I now take a combination of tylenol and aspirin, kind of like what is in Excedrine. It works surprisingly well for me, I don't know if it would help you. Aspirin does effect lithium levels slightly, but not nearly as much as the other NSAID's. I have also been having a lot fewer migraines- I think I was getting rebound headaches from the naproxen.