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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I cannot believe I spent 6 weeks on bedrest this summer.  This flu has only been a week and I'm getting really bored and cranky.  But if I get up and do things I feel worse and since I don't feel great I can't really go for worse.  Today is my 6th day of having fevers.  I sent an email to Dr. Body to be sure that fevers for so many days were ok.  He said as long as it doesn't turn into a sinus infection (something I'm kind of prone to) I just have to wait it out and it could be another week.  He told me this is the worst sickness year he has seen in many years.  I remember the year he is referring to.  One of my nursing homes lost 8/64 patients in a week and we were quarantined for I think 2 or 3 weeks-patients not allowed out of rooms, no visitors allowed, we were gowned and masked a lot.  Unpleasant for everyone.  Right now my fever is at the peak where I get all red and have chills that will become sweating through my clothes in a while.  Fun stuff.

My cats are even getting on my nerves.  They've both been needy today and I just want to be left alone.  The old one is sleeping on me now and that is fine (until the fever starts to break) but oh the pestering to be fed when there was food out and the walking on my computer and generally trying to get me to pay attention when I just wanted to rest.....we don't have many bad days but this was one I hope I forget and that we don't repeat tomorrow.

So today I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, tried to remove corrosion from my Wii balance board which I really want to start using for therapy but which I think I ruined by leaving batteries in it when I moved (way to go) and did a load of laundry.  I also cleaned up the bathroom a little bit and hung the shower curtain after it was washed.  The laundry was so I'd have clean pajamas but the fever hit before I got to get them and I don't feel like going downstairs where it is colder and I honestly think I forgot to start the dryer so I'm going to wait and start the dryer when the fever ends.  No point in showering until the fever is over for the night anyway.

I have nothing really to say.  I've been feeling bad for this woman on the ankle surgery bulletin board.  She needs the same surgeries I had but needs to be back at work in 2 1/2 weeks and doesn't have anyone to help her/drive her/etc.  Her doctor promised her a much faster recovery than I thought possible with this but it is still up in the air how she'll manage.  And I hate discouraging someone from doing this so I keep suggesting things for her to verify with the dr but in my mind I'm thinking "no, that would not be good, this isn't a good idea and I'm scared you'll wind up worse off".  Not good.  I can't get her out of my mind.  I delayed the surgery for so long because it wasn't compatible with work and then I needed the gyn procedures and then I didn't have insurance.  If I was still working I would have had to take most of a year off; I might be able to start working about now but lifting people could still be questionable.  But I can't imagine having surgery, spending 2 weeks on bedrest elevating and then jumping back into work of any kind when the leg still needs elevation all the time, you can't drive, you are still in pain, just a shower is a huge ordeal, etc.  What a sad situation.

At least influenza has me blogging.  Too bad it is boring.......

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