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Monday, January 26, 2015


It is Monday.  Two Mondays ago I went to see Dr. Mind and then Dr. Brain.  When I got to Dr. Brain's I thought "huh, my throat hurts".  The same was true Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday evening I felt sick and starting running fevers.  

I am still sick.  I made it 24 hours without a fever but just now it came back.  Last night I barely slept because the drainage was so thick and icky I couldn't get comfortable.  I was up until 6 and that's with valium.

I'm not finding this funny any longer.  I already left a message cancelling Dr Mind because I am still contagious,even though I've exposed him twice, accidentally (I thought the fevers were over last week and then got one after I saw him).

I can't even think straight.  My aunt is taking my mom, cousins, their kids, my sister and her kids and I to the beach in March.  It will be good but also probably a little hard since I've not seen much of that side of the family since I was diagnosed.  One cousin and I were best friends growing up and through college and then as I got sick she pulled out of my life.  We've talked about this and I think she was just incredibly uncomfortable and didn't know what to say or do which I can understand.  I hope this lets us be friends again.  I miss her.  But this trip will be weird because it is for an underlying sad reason yet the point is to be happy again.

I paid off a credit card which made me so happy.  One more to go.  And after next month things should be a little easier financially.  Not easy but a touch better.  

I discovered tonight that I have nowhere that I can look out a window and see if it is snowing.  That's weird.  I know it is still snowing because my ankle says so and because it was supposed to do so all night but I can't see to the streetlight and my porchlight is not visible from inside so unless I want to stick my head outside I have to wait for morning to see the snow.  I got so used to living across from a street light in my old town I forgot that you can't always see snow falling at night.

And that's about it.  I have something on my mind but not for sharing until I am feeling better.

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Michal McAllister said...

Oh my goodness! You've had a real siege of illness! I'm so sorry.

Hard to believe the contrast in weather from east to west. Here in the Seattle area, we've had several basically 60 degree days. It's not good long-term because the region depends upon mountain snowpack for our summer water needs and the ski areas are suffering. Wouldn't you know my daughter invested in season's ski passes for herself and the kids...and they've only managed to get up one time for some inner tubing in the rain.

I hope to hear you're improving! I think your aunt's family trip plan is exceptionally forward looking. God bless her as she rests and heals.

You, too, lady!!

Hugs, Michal