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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brief Update

The Noah cat is improved.  He needs to eat but they aren't sure he'll do that with a cone on to keep him from removing a 2nd IV (the first he removed within minutes of insertion despite how sick he was) and with the stress of being there.  So tomorrow they'll keep trying and I think they'll send him home Friday whether or not he is eating.  He had a syring feeding today which didn't go very well (he hates this kind of thing more than most cats) so hopefully they don't have to do it again and I REALLY hope I don't have to try.  I've done it before and it's awful.  If they go in tomorrow and he's eaten a bunch I think maybe he'd come home then but I'm not sure since his vet is off tomorrow. He is no longer seeming to be in pain, not vomiting and he finally peed so he is getting past the dehydration.  I saw him for a bit and he moved around and was glad to be petted although not so glad I wasn't removing the cone.  He had a test specific for pancreatitis and it showed it had a pretty bad case which was pretty clear but this confirmed and lets us re-test to know things are settling down.

So things look promising.  I am not sure that he's entirely out of the woods until he's not symptomatic and is eating again but it's much better than yesterday.  I am exhausted; I didn't really sleep last night and have had some naps today but am really groggy and out of it yet not quite sleepy enough yet.

I'll update again soon.

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Jean Grey said...

I'm glad your kitty is doing better. I hope he is well enough to come home soon. That's where he wants to be.