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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Going Private and some other stuff.

I've made the decision.  It wasn't even hard.  I do appreciate those who responded to my question.  I will be going private at the end of this month, probably on March 26.  I'll be making some internal changes as well that you won't be aware of that make it less likely for my family to ever, ever find this.  I think that over 9 years of public blogging is enough and that the message I might have had for public consumption is out there.  I'll probably make a public blog for a couple of posts that people do still seem to seek out and benefit from.  I'll get the information up on how that will work soon.

I'm also going to find a way to integrate my sub-blog, Master of Irony Med List, into being a page on this site.  I'm not completely sure how yet (or it may just be private for me only since it is how I track med changes which is very helpful with social security applications.  It's impressive to have been on 50-60 cocktails (I no longer remember how many) and the page helps me track that. Last time I actually wrote them all out so this time when I renew my information I'll just have to update and then move on.  I need to update that blog in fact.  I don't think anyone but me cares anyway.

Going private will let me be a little more personal dealing with my brother's situation.  Which I think is very, very good.  Until he has been sentenced I can't say a lot but there are a lot of times coming when being able to talk about this will be good and it hasn't been something I've felt good discussing on here in the past.  I actually have over 100 posts that I've taken down over the last few years that I might even feel safe enough to post again (or first the first time for some of them).  Right now that situation remains hanging.

Um, the some other stuff......what on earth was it?  I'm having a lot of disconnected thoughts that are getting lost tonight and those seem to be victims.  I have no idea although about 5 minutes after I log out I'll remember.

I guess the rest will come when it comes.  The mood swing fairy is in full force today.

Oh, I know something.  Guess what my younger niece has become fascinated by?  Rainbows!  I knew I loved her for a good reason :).

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