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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Details changed to protect the innocent/Espanol

One of my facilities admitted a patient today who frankly they aren't qualified to handle. This happens a lot to psychiatric patients, they get shunted from facility to facility because some places aren't so good at admitting they aren't qualified to handle all problems. This patient is one of those, and actually has built a reputation for being difficult to manage. The patient has a history of exposing others to bodily fluids in a sneaky way, and knows that this is especially bad because of a history of something contagious. (Sorry for the talking around, it's hard to maintain the level of privacy I feel is deserved). So I already wasn't very sure that this would be a good idea, especially since the last patient they insisted they could handle is running around screaming and hitting things because of paranoia regarding the placement of an exit sign.

Then we have this doctor who thinks he is God. I first encountered him when I was using a chart and was called and told to bring the chart back immediately. I apologized and he actually GLARED at me and did not acknowledge that I was speaking. I really, really disklike him.

So today I started reading his evaluation of this new patient. The first sentence reads "This is a psych patient with a history of _______________". OK, now, that makes me so, so angry. Yes, there is a psychiatric diagnosis and accompanying inappropriate behaviors. However, the psych issues are low on the list of serious/lifethreatening issues, and in fact aren't even the thing that we are least qualified to manage. It's much like saying that I am "a psych patient with hypothyroidism" when I'm at the doctor's office for thyroid medication. To me, if I must be a psych patient outside of my own mind, it is during the times I am seeing my psychiatrist or psychologist.

I feel we give patients we psychiatric diagnoses no chance. "You shall forevermore be schizophrenic", etc. But why? Why do we not try for med and psychological management and not use the diagnosis to somehow explain the whole person?

And why is the setup of my blogger now in Spanish?

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