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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh how I wish I could tell the whole story

But I can't. However, I will say that my niece has gained an entire pound since her surgery and since she wasn't able to eat for a while after surgery that's pretty amazing. She's getting longer too and is starting to wear clothes that are 0-3 months instead of just newborn. Between this and the change in how healthy she looks now (before her color was bad and she just looked unwell) I feel so much better. Her pain level is decreasing now pretty significantly and her incision is closed over which is very, very good for reasons I can't explain. I hadn't seen her with her big sister really at all. Everything that has happened has made Anne grow up so much. She is SO sweet with "her baby", even rocking the carseat when Gwendolyn fussed before anyone had a chance to get her out. She frequently asks to give her sister a kiss and tries to get lined up just right to be where the baby can see her to get smiles. Anne is so much more comfortable here. She has a routine now for bedtime (I must do bath, then 2 episodes of some tv show on Amazon Prime, the grandma reads while she's all wrapped up in a blanket I made for her and she's asleep. She's not a baby anymore and the last 4 weeks have taken the last babyishness away I think. Bittersweet. They're up for my mom's birthday celebration tomorrow. My brother will get to meet his new niece for the first time. Otherwise not much to say. I am very proud that on my 3rd or 4th attempt I finally am tolerating 25 mg of Topamax for migraines. (If it helps with mood stability that's a nice bonus but I probably won't hit that dose). Every other time I've been knocked out and this time I've not. I've been knocked out by a 4 day long migraine by it wasn't the med. So Monday we'll ease it up a tiny bit more. Oh, oh, my house....that's big. I have a completely framed house, inside and out. It has a room and the deck is framed. It has a shingled roof and I think siding is next. The floor plan finally can't be changed after probably 8 variations. What we came up with though is great. We actually went in with the designer, her father/construction owner-boss and a construction worker and played around using beams to mark things off until we maximized the space the best we possibly could. Ultimately we wound up with some good closet space and a little hallway/diversion thing that makes my bedroom and bathroom slightly offset and not quite as open to the whole house. Yesterday I went appliance pricing (blagh) and found exactly the tile I wanted for the bathroom floor on clearance. I was able to get the whole bathroom floor for $36. Anyway, I'm possibly getting sleepy (please God) and so I'll stop typing. Copyright 2006 www.masterofirony.blogspot.com

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