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Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have nothing really to say.  I slept through a pain med time last night and so spent part of the day catching up on the pain.  Thank God for the nerve block pump, even if it is annoying to be attached to something all the time.  (There is a catheter similar to an IV in the back of my knee with all kinds of stuff covering it.  There is a tube that goes from the port on the catheter to a bag the size of a small purse that holds a bag that started with a liter of anesthetic.  This automatically gives me a dose every minute or two and has a button I can press to get an extra, bigger dose.  10 minutes after the extra doses is when I feel best but I can only do one every 70 minutes and it looks like I can't do it every 70 minutes without running out of solution before the pump comes out on Wednesday.  It's annoying because I easily forget that I have a long line coming out of my leg but it helps a lot.  I'll miss it when it is gone.  Which I'm sure my doctor will be very happy about since he won the argument about having this at all.  I wish I could keep it another week or so.).

Here is a picture of my current dressing/cast (really casts; there are plaster casts and fiberglass (normal) casts both under there.  At the widest it is about 10 inches across.  I've been good enough at keeping it up that my toes are now way down far below that cotton at the top because gravity has my heel further down in the cast. 

Otherwise I spent the entire day sleeping and so have very little to report.  I did a sponge bath and had to have my mom help me put underwear on.  Nothing fun about that.......

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Rachael said...

I'm catching up - missed your Saturday post - I am SO, SO glad that the surgery went well. And that the nurses were advocates. What an important part of the process!! Now, onward to recovery - Yeah for you!!