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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That will do it

Today I had a really upset stomach and lots of bathroom trips.  I didn't eat much and just felt lousy.  I also was wide awake since 7:30 AM.  Part of this was because my nerve block shifted and started working far too well so that my entire foot went numb until I called the pain center and turned it off.  They said I could put it on again if I needed to but I have been ok and it was coming out tomorrow anyway if all went well.  So I guess that is one thing taken care of.  But if just was a rough day  and I thought it was the pain medicine.  Until I got my pill box and discovered I didn't take my meds last night.  So I was in benzo withdrawl and probably fine otherwise.  (I just feel gross because I haven't been able to shower since Thursday and sponge baths are only so good, but it adds to feeling sick I think.  Plus I'm hot then cold then hot again despite having the air conditioning at freezer temperatures.  I'm assuming this is from anesthesia but it's annoying.

Anyway, lessons learned: nerve block wasn't doing as much as I thought although it was amazing the first day and a half; I hate having a numb foot; sometimes my ankle wants to be elevated much farther over my head than is required and that is to be obeyed at all times; take your sedatives and addictive meds daily. 

You'd think at least one of those would be something I knew............(To be fair I've had a lot of things in my body and forgetting a dose of routine meds isn't surprising since I also forget seemingly everything else.  I'm making my poor squeamish mother go into the doctor with me Wednesday so that she can remember things.  I just promised she doesn't have to look at the incision or anything else.)

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  Actually it will be because we are washing my hair and that is a BIG DEAL since it hasn't been washed since Thursday and it is gross and long and sweaty and in a bun on top of my head to keep it out of my face.  I usually shower and wash my hair before bed and that's a big part of my routine so between that and hating to sleep on my back falling asleep at night has been tricky.  I miss the hospital bed where I could achieve real comfort for sleeping.  Don't miss the rest of the hospital but that part I do miss.  I can sit on my couch but not really easily so we've decided to make that an experience for after my real cast goes on Wednesday.

Yawning, maybe going to sleep.....

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Michal McAllister said...

You've been on my mind and in my prayers, Missy! I'm so relieved for your positive progress. Things are really lining up for a very successful outcome. I think it's cool that you have so much knowledge, skill and equipment!

Gentle hugs, Michal