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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So tired

I have been doing so much trying to be ready for surgery.  I know that if things are out of place it will irritate me endlessly so I'm trying to finish.  Today we loaded all the moving boxes up and took them to recycling and finished unpacking the garage things (the last boxes).  I still need some shelving units though but I should be able to park in my garage now. 

However I am tired and keep getting migraines because I had to stop the magnesium that I take for prevention.  To top it off my old cat (age 19) has suddenly been peeing outside the litter box.  I took her in for what I thought was a UTI today and while it is a UTI it is mostly kidney failure.  That diagnosis has come and gone repeatedly but this time it will stay.  It's not that advanced but is enough that it isn't just a transient dehydration.  So we had labs done and prayed her was a treatable thyroid problem but it wasn't.  I can't afford kidney food for her and don't really want to take away the food she loves anyway.  I set up a litter box in my bedroom with that litter that swears that it clumps into a completely non-smelly ball for 7 days.  Either I haven't found pee that was already on the floor, the new stuff smells like pee or it doesn't cover any odor because my bedroom (where the littler is) smells like pee.  I think I probably just haven't found some pee yet but I also don't like the smell of the litter.  I want the pan there because it is where she mostly pees but not if it is going to smell.  I have no idea where else it can go though.  That's the problem with a tiny apartment.  Anyway, I cried at the vet's and for quite a while afterward.  When the cat is 19 you know you don't have forever with her.  And in fact the average cat with her level of kidney failure lives about 2 years.  If she lives 2 years she'll be extremely old.  So it's not like this really changes anything, I just hate that she doesn't feel good.  When the antibiotics kick in she will feel better again.  I hope. Usually she only has about 10 really active moments per day so this is hard to see but she is lethargic and that's sad.

I feel like there is so much to do and so little time left to do it.  The girls will be here Thursday so tomorrow is when most things must be done.  Mostly it is small stuff but it still takes time.

Big news on the niece front.  Geraldine is starting to say "Get ____".  The other night she said "Get (name she uses for Anne)." when she woke up and wanted to play (she's been sick and fell asleep early and then woke up very early.)  She said Aunt Jen again when I saw her the other day, as well as Jen, Jen, Jen.

I promised myself that I wouldn't do anything tonight but rest.  I'm having a really hard time sticking to that.  I probably should just take some valium and go to sleep.  It would be easier if it were less scented in here.  Oh well, the hope is that when she feels better she'll not need the extra litter pan anymore and if she does I'll just have to find a litter that works for both of us.  This sounds good but may be a little too scented.  I didn't realize it was scented when I bought it. 

I should take a shower, I'd probably relax but I'm too tired to want to stand up.  Lazy, yes, but true.  I'll do that tomorrow. 

That's it from here.  Finding it so weird that I have 2.5 days of walking left and then I won't for months.  I'll miss taking the puppy to the dog park.  We've been going nearly every night and he has so much fun.  I don't think the lake and my cast will be friends though.

Anyway, more tomorrow I'm sure.

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