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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Plot Thickens

What a day! What a few days actually.

I finally, finally, finally am resolving things with my doctor. Not sure if I'd mentioned the total mess there, but I've had serious communication issues with her lately, and have been struggling to get meds changed for weeks without success. Anyway, I think the reason for the problem finally came out, and I got the changes. Plus I have a better way to communicate with her now without the difficulties.

Then today I got a call that my previous company is very interested in my return. Like interested enough to be willing to make some generous offers that I may not be able to pass up. I really like my new job but I miss working in psych. I miss it every single day and I am better at it, and my abilities are better used there than what I'm doing now. Initially I thought there was no way because of so many bad things that happened there, but apparently there have been huge staffing changes throughout that company and many of those I had issues with are gone. I don't know what to do with that information exactly.

It's hard though because there was so much anger at the end with that company. Some of the issues, especially the distance from my home, would not be resolved. But it's tempting and a lot to think about. I hope the actual offer comes soon so I can think with a clear picture in mind.

On the plus side I got a thyroid check today and as long as nothing is bad with this one I don't have to get any more blood drawn until May. Since today was my 15th blood draw in the last 9 months this is incredible news.

Two more days and this week is over.....

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