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Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Never Know

The Decision 2007 post may have come too soon. I'm now in the midst of waiting again, as the offer now looks so incredibly good I doubt I can pass it up. Essentially it looks like I'm going to be offered full-time pay for 32 hours/week. So this next week will be interesting. Time passes so slowly while negotiating. I am so bad at this. But thankfully I'm mainly negotiating with a friend, and I'm getting an offer that is so friendly to my disability that it makes me want to cry.

Today is a really exciting day in the life of my blog. I have now officially surpassed 1000 hits. I was so hopeful for a while that this would occur on the blog's birthday, but I missed it about 20. Today was a busy day on this site and at last check I'm at 1007 visitors.

I had thought that at this point I'd have something profound to say. Anyone who has followed this site knows it has been an incredible year in my life. Much of it was horrible, but the end result has been a better me. Somehow hope finally entered my life this year, and hope is good. Now I just have to work on trust....But instead of having something profound, I realized that this isn't more than a marker on a path. There is no real summary of events and the good that has come, because this is still all in progress. The story so far has been how I became incredibly sick and then recovered to the best I had experienced in years, and then my recent brush with depression and return to functioning without getting really sick. There is a lot of good in it, and I have learned so much about myself and about life. But it's so far from over. What I write about is no different at this point than it was a year ago, aside from what I write today is affected by how I feel today, and what I write tomorrow will be influenced by how I feel tomorrow.

The main thing I have learned is that life is never how we define it. When I started this last January I thought I would be writing about what I learned working in mental health while having my own mental illness. Within weeks so much of my life went wrong, and ultimately I wasn't even a mental health professional anymore. And now, 4 months after that, I'm considering moving on yet again, and returning to the world that was placed on hold a year ago.

You just never know......

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SarahGee said...

1,000 hits? That's great! I wish that we had been able to increase it by it's blogday but you still did it! How cool is that?

I am curious to hear more about your decision you're making. Trust yourself and know that you know yourself better than anyone else. <3