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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life lessons

I went to my mom's this afternoon for dinner with family to celebrate her birthday. The winds were high when I left, and became dangerous after a time. At one point a huge chunk of tree missed the house (and the sunporch where we happened to be standing) by 12 inches. It took hours before the winds died enough to leave. The power was off and I became hotter and hotter, no matter what I did. Finally I left because signs of lithium toxicity set in. I had no clue what would be awaiting me at home. Thankfully things must not have been so bad here (30 miles northeast).

Nonetheless, it was scary and for a long time it appeared my only safe choice was to stay at her house without meds. Therefore, Lesson: keep meds at her house for emergency use.


thethirddegree said...

Oh eep! Can you carry some extra meds in your purse or something as well, in case this happens again and you're stuck *not* at mom's house?

Just Me said...

Well, the trick there is quantity. I take, I think (lost track), about 35 pills per day. Many of those are huge. And few can be missed (a few vitamins can, but even one of those is a pretty critical pill). I'd just keep some in the car, but some of them melt when hot. I melted 4 bottles this year alone.....(thankfully those are OTC ones but it still cost me $30 or so).