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Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'm doing something I never thought I'd be doing: researching attorneys specializing in disability law. I have no idea if what is happening at work is going to turn legal, but it sure as heck is turning into something I'm about to start fighting. I'm going to consult the lawyer for sure. If nothing else it establishes step one in whatever process may need to happen.

Without being specific, let's just say that I am in major trouble again, and suddenly things that were just talked about are "verbal warnings" from July, even though the words "verbal warning" was never used and I was under the impression I just needed to keep in touch about something. So now I'm fighting with my company about ADA. I am fairly sure I'll be suspended again next week because I am not signing this latest warning without hearing from my experts that flex time is a reasonable accomodation. To make this even more frustrating, my OT was there 2 days ago, when the managers were aware of what came up today, and nothing was said when she could have assisted.

I'm so sick of this. My depression barely was lifting, and now I have cried for hours again, been so upset I had to stop and vomit on the interstate ramp (have I mentioned I need to move up my reflux med to something stronger?), and I just generally have had it.

So, I'm mad, and I really hope I can get into this attorney I found on Thursday. Or that I can find another way to get time to go there ASAP. Obviously I can't just say I need to take a day off for an attorney.......Although I would love to about now. I'm just so angry. Angry enough that at one point I told them that if they are trying to fire me, if this is not working out, then I would REALLY appreciate being told that and arrangements can be made.


Emilija said...

I'm sorry you are having trouble at work. Have you thought of doing home care? Some of the agencies give benefits if you do it fulltime. I was having trouble with a couple of my co-workers, and then I got transferred to a place where I basically work alone. Problem solved! New problems, but no more problem co-workers.

Emilija said...

It is my understanding that whether or not flex-time is a reasonable accomodation depends upon the job. If it is essential to the job that you be there are certain times- like my outpatient clinic with scheduled hours- you can't really argue for flex-time. But if you can make a case that you can do your work on a more flexible schedule and it won't significantly affect the quality of what you do, it is a reasonable accomodation. But your employer may have different views. They may want you there at certain times to interact with staff, have supervision/supervise COTA's, etc. Or they may see this as unfair favoratism. Or they may just want to give you a hard time so you will leave. I don't know.