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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Famous!

Well, only in the way that fame is defined in the Master of Irony world, but therapydoc of www.everyoneneedstherapy.blogspot.com referred to me today and the hits have been coming. Which is really fun for a little blog with only a tiny readership.

So, go read what she has to say about SAD. Her treatment is basically "be kind to yourself" and I think that's a really hard thing with SAD. I know for me SAD means struggling with holidays more than I already would. It means few weekends I do much for fun because my sleep needs increase so much. It also means crazy eating habits because when I'm depressed I go through cycles of craving one food and one food only.

I am so hopeful that this year is my year to NOT get it. Last year it wasn't so bad, but I was on so much Seroquel along with my high dose Depakote that I wouldn't have known feeling bad if there was a large sign painted on my head that said "depressed".

I think I may have felt some effect from the lights today. According to the literature this is possible, and I am likely to over-respond easily. So responding fast would be expected for me. I certainly was awake after I finished and I didn't go through my usual exhausted period at any point in the day.

Please God, let me have another miracle solution.....(so far: lithium, high dose depakote ER (that ER being vital), my weighted blanket, my dawn stimulator, Seroquel XR, and incredibly good doctors are my miracles.)


thethirddegree said...

YAY for links!!!

Cranky Amy said...

I'm pretty sure that in the (short) time I've been reading your blog, that you make your own miracles, friend.

otgirl said...

Yay for weighted blankets! They are the bomb.

Just Me said...

That's a great desciption of weighted blankets. I LOVE mine. The first I had was just a Sammons' one for kids and it was ok, but my custom-made 22 lb. one made with sensorily appropriate fabric (Minkee dots) has been the best thing I've ever owned. I'd used them with patients and now I totally understand the reason that it was so popular.