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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This isn't good

It's 4:34 AM and I am WIDE awake. And I've only had 5 hours of sleep tonight. Between having a sore mouth and being very itchy from my pain medicine I've just not done well. I took just tylenol and an anti-anxiety med that is really an anti-itch med a while ago to see if that gets me another hour or 2 of sleep. Clearly I'm not holding my breath as I can't even settle into bed to read.

I want to get ready and just go to work and get that over with, but I think I have to take my sick cat to the vet and of course they don't open until 7-7:30. I can't just make that decision until I talk to my mom because the sick baby is staying at her house because she can monitor him more closely than I can from work (she is able to be home a lot more than I am).

I'm going to be charming to work with today; I itch everywhere. Miss Manners better not be watching :). I guess vicodin goes on the "unpleasant but not really allergic reaction" list. Not sure what happens then since it's just about the only thing I can take for pain except really strong stuff.

Anyway, time to get ready.

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Cranky Amy said...

Maybe pop half a benadryl? Granted, since it's not an allergy, I'm not sure if that would help. I know how it goes with the itching side effect of those buggers, almost scratched my nose raw once. Hang in there!!!