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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Open Letter to the World

Dear World,
If you have a new job and notice your co-worker arrives late and you know that you have flex time and are allowed to work whenever you want within reason the same as she is, and you ask her if she got something mundane done the day before, when she explains that she met with the corporate boss for an hour and had several things come up that resulted in an overly busy day with much of it concentrated later in the day and she had to stay overtime, it is NOT ok, in any way to respond in a somewhat snotty tone "Well, if you'd just get here earlier you might find it easier to get done".  That makes no sense.  I do 8 hours of work in 8 hours.  If families need to talk to me, they need to talk to me.  If my boss needs to talk to me, she needs to talk to me.  That may mean extra time.  And I have to prioritize. 
My life is mine.  And if something is your business, I will tell you.
Just ME
I had to bite my tongue so hard because most of my answers were not nice.  I did explain that between taking some very sedating meds and having a long drive, I did what I had to do.  I made my voice icy which should say "You just crossed a major boundary."  Instead, she decided to recommend how I should take my meds, type unspecified.
I'm going to my supervisor about it, this is how people start gossip and she needs to know my superiors are aware of and supportive of my situation, even knowing it is less than ideal.
In all the time I've been here not one co-worker has been mean at all about my coming late.  I've not heard one comment or even question.  It's just apparently accepted as "how Just Me is".  (Just about told you my real name...) And I like it that way.
The new kid is going to learn she doesn't rule the roost........

Join me

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